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The Story

Darryl Dahl

The Birth of WtHiC

A couple years ago, while building a website for Chetek Liberty Fest, rather than make a contact page with a map and a "Find Us" button, I titled it Where the Heck is Chetek. It made me chuckle, the client liked it and there it sat. When it came time to build a Winter Fest site, I used it again (still giggling). So I bought the domain name and there it sat.


I was inspired by (seriously, check him out) to build an apparel line. So I created a logo and there is sat (are you seeing a trend?). Then I decided Chetek could use a sleek directory site that was promoted by the shirts. There's a lot of cool stuff here, which is why it's a major destination, but people still ask "Where the Heck is Chetek?" So the marketing mind said, "Ah HA! The shirts promote the site that promotes Chetek that sells the shirts..." you get the idea. The idea that SAT!

Why Now?

Life is busy. Projects come up. Focus shifts. Mostly, I just sat on it and did nothing. Finally, I said to myself, "This happens, NOW!!" A couple all nighters, some input from my wife, a dozen redesigns and there it was, ready... well, readyish. It's still being tweaked as we go, but the framework is in place, the trademark is in progress and the shirts will be printed soon. 

The Truth

Yes, this site sells advertising & apparel but follow along. I have FREE listings in each category. So if you want your business listed, contact me. To kick things off, paid listings get August and September for FREE.
Event listings, also FREE, so submit yours. PLUS, today is day one and I'm already coordinating a give-back project with a limited edition shirt that will donate a portion of the proceeds. 

Did you really read all that? Well, thank you! I'm excited to launch Where the Heck is Chetek. I look forward to seeing #WtHiC posts. I want to see pictures of you, in a shirt, with your friends who always say they're going to visit but never do and still ask you "Where the Heck is Chetek"